We have two country ranges, with the same design, appearance and overall fit-and-finish, but made from different materials.  Both will give you the same classic country-living look: which you choose will depend on your individual preferences and budget.

Weald – A traditional ‘country kitchen’ style.

Our Weald range is made primarily from hardwood (Tulipwood) – your best option if you want a solid-wood kitchen, and your budget

Traditional, classic ‘country kitchen’ style.  Made from hardwood and other materials. Ideal for those seeking a solid wood kitchen at the higher end of the price scale.



Borough – A classic kitchen style.1 (2)

Our cost effective Borough range is made from medium-density fibre board.  The ubiquity of MDF is actually a ringing endorsement of its wonderful structural properties: it’s immensely stable, so it won’t warp, it shrugs off everyday knocks and dents, and it’s uniform texture means it can be worked easily and precisely.
Traditional, classic ‘country kitchen’ style.  Made from medium-density fibre board (MDF).  Functionally and aesthetically identical to the Weald range.  The best choice for those on more restricted budgets, or not committed to solid wood.